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6th Nov


It’s habit of pattern of behaviour that is repeated and the child is usually not even aware of it.

Nail biting / Thumb suckling / Nose picking are common behavior problems seen in children below 5 years where parents are not able to handle. Up to 10 % of children are having one or more such habits.



It’s habit which makes child comfortable ie good feeling. They may do as source of entertainment or as coping mechanism to stress.

Children below 5 years are under stress :

1 ) Educational pressure

2 ) Strict discipline

3 ) Over ambitious parents

4 ) Parental conflict

5 ) Over protective parents

6 ) Comparison

7 ) Lack of time. ……… read ‘ BAL SANSKAR ‘ for such issues.

Rarely children uses such behaviour habits to attract parents attention as revenge.



Most habits disappear as child grow older. ……

1 ) Discuss with child what you don’t like about behaviour and why?

Dear, I don’t like it when you bite your nails as it doesn’t look good and also it causes loose motion or dental problems. Could you try to stop doing this.

2 ) Avoid punishment or criticism as it will reinforce such behaviour.

For discipline technique for children between 2 to 6 year, read ‘ Hasat khelat bal vikash ‘ written bDr Gunjan Agrawal/ Dr Ashish Agrawal.

3 ) Divert attention

When your child is involved in Nail bitting immediately divert attention like playing or drawing.

4 ) Suggest alternative behaviour like wiggle your fingers.

5 ) Reward therapy

▶ when child watching TV and not doing nail bitting, immediately praise the child.

▶ Make diary & involve your child. If your child has not bite nail for three days than he will get what he wants. Now increase target to 7 days and. ….

6 ) Be consistent in rewarding good behaviour.


Don’t make issues as maximum children overcome such behaviour by 5 years.

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