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15th Jul


Speech in children till 3 months of age

How to develop SPEECH till 3 month of age?


The following normal milestone will occur naturally. If parents can perform activities given below in naturally occurring milestones than it will boost milestones like speech…..


A) Look at speakers face:


Normally Infant will respond to voice & get attracted towards speakers face . Newborn can see best at one foot distance.




➡ Talk to the child , nearly about a foot distance. … look into her eyes with a smiling face.

➡ To make the child look at you for longer time, talk in louder tone & very slowly.

➡ Using variety of exaggerated facial expressions along with variation of tone will make activity more interesting.

➡ Use of makeup like dark bindi or lipstick will make the baby attract for more time.

➡ All this activities must be done in adequate lighting.




⭐ Improve attention which is necessary in communication

⭐ Increase awareness of various stimuli and expression


B) Stop crying on hearing voice


Infants communicate their needs like h.unger or discomforts through cry. The parents responds to the child cry by responding to needs of baby. Slowly baby develop different types of cry for their different needs.




➡ Attend baby as soon as possible.

➡ keep talking to baby while attending baby.

➡ Always talk in high tone and soft voice.




⭐ Hearing and responding is a prerequisite for normal speech.

⭐ develop strong emotional bond between caretaker and baby.


C) Cooing sound just after feeding


Newborn are usually relaxed after feeding or even wet diaper change. And they seem to enjoy by making sounds like “a”, “au” or “e”.





➡ Intiate an interaction with baby after feeding. Maximum mother leave her baby for other work.

➡ Make sounds with exaggerated lip movement like “a”, “au” or “e”.





⭐ faster development of speech.

⭐ develop strong emotional bond between caretaker and baby.


To be continue. ……..


Dr Ashish Agrawal.


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