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16th Jul


Development of SPEECH in infant between 3 to 6month.

How to develop SPEECH between 3 to 6 month?


The child will be exposed to various stimuli and expression.


A) Shows response to angry voice


The child is able to differentiate various tone of caretaker, along with the facial expression. The child will immediately start crying when there is a change in mother’s voice (angry voice and facial expressions).





➡ create more joyful experience in contrast to angry voice or facial expressions.





⭐ able to differentiate pleasant from unpleasant voices and expression.

⭐ able to recognised various facial expressions.


B) Producing sounds like lip smacking of squeals


Infant produce many sounds in act of exploring their own speech. Lip smacking occurs when child play with his lip. Child produces clicks when playing with tongue and palate.




➡ Apply some honey on lip, baby start lip smacking to taste it.

➡ In happy mood, imitate lip smacking or click palate to produce sound. Encourage baby to repeat such actions.





⭐ Help in development of tongue movement which is essential for normal speech.

⭐ Articulatory mechanism will develop faster.


C) Babbling


Babies produces early babbling like baba or dada. It is universal phenomenon found in all human infants. This vocal play is carried on when the child is along and disappear when someone attracts his attention.





➡ Encourage baby to repeat sounds like ba-ba-ba or da-da-da.

➡ sometimes babbling occurs spontaneously. Immediately imitate sound made baby.

➡ praise the baby when she is repeating.

➡ enjoy such movement.





⭐ Babbling help in development of oro facial muscles which is essential for development of speech.

⭐ Also help in development of kinesthetic and tactile senses.


D) Respond to name by turning head


By 6 month of age, the baby is aware of his own identity. As neck control is achieved so baby turn his neck towards source of sound particularly his own name.




➡ Always speak to child by calling her name like….

Vaishnavi is eating

Sania is playing

➡ Seat in front of mirror and tell here is( child name) while pointing towards the child.

➡ Encourage the baby to point herself when her name is told. Enjoy if she does.

➡ Also keep on repeating daily activities like eating, bathing etc so that baby identify herself with that particular activities and sound.





⭐ Awareness of sound and people in the environment.

⭐ Identification of various activities and familiar sound related to that activity.


To be continue. …….

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