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16th Jul


Development of SPEECH in infant between 6 to 9month

How to develop SPEECH between 6 to 9 month?


Speech development occurs at much faster rate thus parents who consciously makes effort at this age get result much better result.


A) Recognizes common objects


Baby is able to recognise family members voice as they are constant source of voice. Now baby is able to recognise familiar objects in surrounding as she gets to hear many times.

The sequence of development in recognition of names of person and objects occur in sequence. ….

☀ familiar to unfamiliar.

☀ Immediate environment to outside environment.





➡ Take few commonly used objects routinely used.

➡ Talk to the child about objects & it’s use.

➡ Always take name of objects like I am using spoon to feed my baby.

➡ After few days, place these objects few inches away in front of the baby. Let the baby look at these objects.

➡ Ask the child to show the objects that you name





⭐ Improve the child’s receptive language.

⭐ create hunger for new information.


B) Get attention of caretaker by voice


Initially baby cries to get attention of parents, now at this age start using different sounds to get attention of caretaker. Baby may use different types of sounds for different needs.





➡ Don’t fulfill demand of baby like water or hug to old mean of attention like crying or throwing temper tantrum.

➡ Encourage child to use vocalisation  for his demand. If child is not able to vocalise for his demand than you can use vocalisations like okk…. you need maaa i.e. water.

➡ Wait for the child to use vocalisation and attend immediately to fulfill his demand.

➡ speak softly and imitate his vocalisation while fulfilling her demand.





⭐ Improve expressive language

⭐ Increase breath control which is essential for development of speech.

⭐ Improve social development.


C) Understand the word NO


As baby’s develop new skills like crawling or moving forward, they start exploring environment by pulling objects within reach or they grasp every little objects & put in the mouth. Baby usually stop such activities if caretaker says No in louder tone.





➡ If child is not responding to NO than stop activity of baby by taking away from the place. Look into eyes and say NO with appropriate facial expression.

➡ Make your eyes wide open and let her understand you mean it.

➡ sometimes you can speak little louder

➡ If child responds to NO next time. ……praise him.





⭐ Learn facial expression.

⭐ Improve receptive vocabulary.


To be continue…….


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