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16th Jul


Development of SPEECH infant between 9 to 12month.

How to develop SPEECH between 9 to 12 month?


Speech development occurs at much faster rate.


A) Name common objects in his own words


Baby in this age point out common objects in his own words like water means maaam.





➡ If child needs milk & not able to say milk than you can make word…….

Do you want dudu? In this way, child will speak word for specific things.


➡ Sometimes child may make own word like aamm for rice. Immediately accept this work and ask him next time….. will you like to eat aamm.


➡ Provide the correct word with his own words but at same time do not correct child’s utterances.





⭐ Improve the expressive language

⭐ learning more & more objects with names.


B) Follow simple command


Children at this age will be able to understand simple command and sentences.





➡ Involve child in simple activity like……

# ask child to throw ball if she is playing with ball.

# where is fan?

so on……..


➡ This can be done during any daily routine activities like feeding, playing, bathing and dressing.





⭐ Help in imitation skills

⭐ Helps in building relationship with environment.


C) Demonstrate understanding by making verbal response to some questions


Children learn many activities through imitation like bye or jai jai.





➡ Children usually learn maximum imitation like flying kiss by observation.


➡ If child does not learn imitation than you can teach……

# wave his hand to say bye.

# hold two hand together to say namaste.


➡ To give him a good reinforcement and visual feedback, show him doing the activity in front of the mirror.


➡ when baby is able to follow command, praise him.




⭐ Identification of common gestures.


D) Tries to imitate sounds


Imitation is an activity where children tries to act as caretaker. It helps in mastering meaningful speech.





➡ Making sound of animal like Dog or Cat.


➡ Common sound like car voice…..drrruuuu or train sound like chuuuuu can be taught.


➡ Always teach these activities with imitation of body movement.





⭐ Help in development of oro motor muscles.


⭐ ultimately help in development of meaningful speech.


E) Say first true word like papa or dada


Some children may speak first true word like mamma, papa or dada. If she is using this word repeatedly with same person or activity than it’s true first meaningful word.





➡ Always speak running commentary during activity with your baby. ……


# mama is feeding rama

#abba playing with Sania.


➡ Make activity more interesting by using pictures.





⭐ Improve expressive language.


F) Point to common object when named


As name indicate baby is able to point common objects in environment.





➡  First show common objects like fan/ TV etc to your baby. Make sure your baby is enjoying and watching it.


➡ Always describe the objects.


➡ After few days of repetition,  ask your baby where is fan?


➡ If child recognize objects than laugh loudly and praise her.


➡ Keep on talking with your baby everywhere like look car or cow.





⭐ Improve receptive skills.


To be continue. ……..





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