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16th Jul


Difference of opinion between parents



No two people have same opinion in this world thus parents. Most couple have experienced such situation at one or more times. ….. you think you should discipline your child in certain way and your spouse wish to handle situation in different way. Understand also that every time you argue with your partner over parenting, focus shift from child’s behaviour to parental conflict.




Marriage are relationship between two different individual from two different family and beliefs. we must understand both are individual so different.

Both parents are well wisher of their children thus all techniques on parenting is okay unless it is not hurting child physically or emotionally.


Father and mother may have different opinion in bringing up of their children like. …..


1 ) Discipline technique.

2 ) Education priority.

3) If Mother think its big problem but father think its normal.

4) How to tackle problem.

And many more……


Result: If such situation is created at home repeatedly in front of children then …….

1) Children will be confused to judge between right or wrong.

2) Intelligent children can take benefit of such situation. The main reason for united front rule is to save you both from your smart kid. If father refuses, he will go to mother to fullfil his demand.

3) Children didn’t like to see their parents not getting along and this parental conflict can have long term effect.

The best gift a father can give to his children is to love their mother and vice versa (proverb from ‘ BAL SANSKAR ‘).





1) If child got some bad habits, don’t blame each other for such bad habits. Some parents blame grandparents or genes.

All bad habits are created by parents, family or friends.


2) No interference:If one of the parent is scolding his child for mistake then other parent should not interfere at that time even if he/she does not agree. This must be rule. If you don’t do this, it will show your child that his parents are not united team and undermine your authority.


3) Time Out: when difference is not solving, rather than setting into battle of who is right or wrong, take a time out. Talk about parenting desicion when both of you are calm.


4) Listen: Everyone in this world has own idea of living, own tradition or believe. If we can spend few minutes just hearing your best friend without our anxiety or interference, it usually help in solving problem. During our spouse talk, don’t defend or blame instead just try to hear what our mate is saying. Lot of time you will be able to find common ground. It means maximum time after hearing one partner, you will find the solution as both are well wisher of their children.


5) Arrive at same place: If still you are not able find common approach then write separately on paper. Then decide about priority of bad habits and discipline technique from both list.

Read my book ‘ HASAT KHELAT BAL VIKASH ‘ for various discipline technique for children between 2 to 6 year.


6) Professional help: If you feel like you have made everything and still not able to get on same boat. ….. it’s better to take senior family member ( if both agree) help or finally professional help.

A good senior family member or psychologist will help to solve your difference.


……taken from

book ‘ BAL SANSKAR ‘ written by Dr Ashish Agrawal.


Dr Ashish Agrawal, Child Specalist, expert in neurodevelopmental problem & child psychology.


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