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16th Jul


Hyperactive child…weather normal or abnormal

HYPERACTIVE CHILD….. Weather normal or abnormal.


Some children are describe as being always on the move. They do not relax in situation that calls for relative calm eg: class room and always poses high level of physical or mental energy. In short,  hyperactive is behaviour pattern characterised by restlessness, overactive or difficult sitting still.

Hyperactive must be differentiated from overactive which is not a problem. Children who are overactive with high energy level are usually able to control and can be easily diverted their energy in an age appropriate manner. Hyperactivity can be associated with neurological problem which needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible.




1) Delayed milestone like walking or speaking late. (To know normal milestone, visit site).


2) children who were admitted in NICU or had convulsion.


3) Inattention. .. unable to maintain sustained attention to task.


4) Easily distracted.


5) Fail to finish task.


6) Often losing things necessary for task at school or home.


7) Impulsiveness…… acting without much thought of consequences.


8) Shift from one activity to another.


9) Excessive talking or unable to seat to sit still.


10) Violent behaviour.





Contact child specalist who are expert in neuro development problems.


Note: If your child is diagnosed as ADHD or other neurological problem. … parents need to be more patient, willing to educate themself and practice of comprehensive approach is needed.


Dr Ashish Agrawal, Child Specalist, expert in neurodevelopmental problem & child psychology.


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