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16th Jul


Weaning in children between 6 to 9month.




Introducing your baby to solid food is called weaning, should be started when your baby is around 6 month of the age. Weaning time should be fun time.

It’s third most important step in your baby development after Breast feeding & vaccination and it can be fun to explore new flavour & texture. To begin with how much baby taking is less important than getting them used to eating.


When to start?


For first 6 month, baby should be breakfast exclusive as baby digestive system is not develop fully to accept solid food. Still weaning is personal decision & should be based on what is best for your children. Most mothers choose to wean their baby at age of 4 to 7 month.


Sign when your baby is ready for weaning :


1 ) baby stay in sitting position.

2 ) can coordinate hand – eye & hand – mouth movement so that baby can look at food, pick up & put them in the mouth.

3 ) can swallow food.

4 ) if baby is not enjoying breast feeding.


How to start weaning :


1 ) start by offering just few drops of dal water once in a day.

2 ) once your baby starts enjoying, now you can start two times that suits both baby & parents.

3 ) gradually you can increase upto 3 times / day by 7 month and 4 times / day between 8 to 10 month.

4 ) Don’t loose patience if your baby is not enjoying weaning, Still avoid breast feeding at time of weaning.

5 ) As some mother are working than baby accepts weaning food as mother is not available for breast feeding.

6 ) if mother is house wife and having joint family, hand over baby to grandparents for weaning if baby is not enjoying weaning.

7 ) start one food at a time, once your baby is enjoying food for few days……. introduce new food.

8 ) if your baby don’t like new food, don’t force instead try new food after some days.

9) let baby enjoy touching and holding food.

10 ) allow your baby to feed themselves by using their fingers or spoon so baby enjoys more.

11 ) feed baby as much as he wants & stop when he refuses.


What to give?




6 to 8 month :


Dal water, Rice water, moongdal khichidi. ……than fruit juices & vegetable soups.

Than give mashed or soft cooked vegetables like potatoes or soft fruits like chickoo, banana, papaya etc.

Now you can give dal rice or sabudana kheer.


8 to 9 month :


Daliya, sabudana khichidi, mashed chapatti with dal or milk, noodles, boiled egg, chicken soup.

Also give dahi, lassi or bread.

?  Taste before you give to your baby.


Food to be avoided :


Only milk, extra sugar or salt, honey, nuts like peanuts, biscuits, chocolates, cakes.


Benefits of weaning :


1 ) Growth will be much better.

2 ) will be creating healthy eating habits in your baby than hopefully make your life easier when your baby is older.




Enjoy the movement and click photos or video.


Share with parent whose children are between 4 to 9 month.


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