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Atopic dermatitis in children
17th Jul


Atopic dermatitis in children

Atopic dermatitis in children


Definition – It is allergy disorder of skin, commonly seen in babies. It is also called as eczema. It is usually seen in family i.e herediatry disorder. Children with atopic dermatitis may have Allergy rhinitis or Asthama in future.


Age: It is usually seen in first five year, mostly in first six month.


Symptoms – skin become red and itchy, mainly seen in face, scalps, hands and feet.


Causes – It is an familial disorder . The symptoms seen with exposure of allergens and eventually go away in majority of cases.

? Dry skin

? Too much bathing

? Common Allergens –

Pollens, Molds, Dust Mites, Animals, Smoking, Perfumes.

?Food – Cow’s Milk, eggs, beans, sea food, wheat and peas.


?mosquito bite.

?Rapid change of temperature.


?Stress… Emotional stress like frustration, anger or fear.

?Bacterial skin infection.

In short, Atopic dermatitis usually occur in dry skin and trigger by above given list. Trigger may be different in different people.


Diagnosis –Always clinical i.e. no test is available. Instead it is typically diagnosed with skin examination.


Treatment – There is no permenant cure but aim of treatment is to controlled symptons by using drugs if needed and life style modification.

⏹Drugs – Contact Doctor (detail)

⏹Avoidance of allergens as written in cause.

⏹ Avoid food as given in above list.

⏹Life style modification…

a)Do not give bath for more than one times in a day

b)Use lukewarm water than hot water.

c)Give your child a short bath ( < five minutes )

d)Use a mild soap (detail) that clean without excessively removing natural oil present on the skin. Use soap on child face, underarm, genital area, hands and feets.

e) After bath, pat skin (do not rub)

⏹Apply moisturize on child skin (detail) immediately after bath on slightly dump skin to maintain skin hydration. In evening also apply moisturizing cream on the baby’s skin.

⏹ Wear soft cotton clothes, avoid wool, nylon or stiff material.

⏹ Keep the child’s finger nail short to avoid scratching of skin.


Outgrow of Atopic dermatitis: As there is no permenant cure so its difficult to predict but majority of children will loose most of the symptoms by 5 year, maximum  by adloscence.


Dr Ashish Agrawal, Child Specialist, expert in neurodevelopmental problem & child psychology.


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